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Medical Devices Exhibition in Shanghai, China


Medical Devices Exhibition in Shanghai, China 

                                                                                                                             ——BEIJINGSHI XINTIAN LIMING MEDICAL DEVICE CO., LTD.

     Shanghai, as the international finance and business metropolis, a showcase of China's opening up, is highly favored by abroad manufacturer and users, which is always in the front of advanced medical device industry, and also important for our nation's medical device industry to enhance status in lots of users and international peers. It also of great significance in historical aspect in contributing to the competition and development of domestic medical device industry in international market and creating good conditions for expanding international market.

    The 20th China (Shanghai) International Medical Device Exhibition 2017 was held from july 13th to 15th in SWEECC.

    CMEH is one of the biggest medical device exhibition throughout the country.The Exhibition includes medical electronic, imaging equipment, ward nursing and auxiliary equipment, medical supplies and hygienic material, inspection equipment and diagnostic reagent, optics, first- aid, rehabilitation nursing, health information technology and other products, directly and fully serving for medical device industry from the source to the terminal, the whole medical industry chain. 19 Exhibitions have been held successfully, 600 medical device production enterprises from 20 countries and areas, governmental agencies purchasing with 30,000 people, hospital buyer, dealers gathering CMEH to deal and communicate.

     During this period, BEIJINGSHI XINTIAN LIMING MEDICAL DEVIC CO., LTD., has contacted purchasing agent with high quality by CMEH and become supplier for many potential abroad purchasing agents; face to face communication with purchasing agents to know their demands , strategy, and purchasing trend directly; delivering our own contact method and company culture to purchasing agents participating in the conference is a sales opportunity with the minimum cost. Conclude a business at the scene: although exhibition period is short, face to face communication with merchants is convenient to come to an agreement or reach a preliminary agreement.

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